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Copywriting is Salesmanship
by Lewis B. Nixon

Use common sense and human emotions whatever and wherever you sell.

Effective copywriting is based on psychology. Don't worry; you don't need study psychology now. But if you understand human nature it is easier for you to write copy that sells.
So let's start.

First and most important is that you understand why people buy a product or service. They don't buy because you show them nice pictures, fancy clipart, or because you are a pretty salesperson. Although all these points may be helpful to sell, the prospect is first of all interested in your product. Therefore please remember always the following rule of thumb.

People only buy on benefits a product offers, not on features.

Benefits are effects that help improve the life of your prospective customer. Therefore it is important that you know the key benefit of your product or service.

Features are things the product can do. Some people say, "Here look, that's my great product. It does this and that. My product sells itself." If you want sell, that's the wrong way.

Strictly speaking, people buy only for two reasons:
Good feeling and to solve a problem.

Please, think a moment about your own buying behaviors.

  • You buy a game for your kids. You buy happiness and fun for them - and you are feeling good when you see them happy.
  • You buy the service of a roofer, because your roof is damaged. He solves your problem.
  • You buy new software, because it makes your work easier and you need less time than before. This example solves a problem - time - and you have more time to do other things you like - a good feeling.

These are only a few examples why people buy. Don't try to sell them features.

One last example: You hire a copywriter, because you want increase your sales. But finally you want not only more sales, you wish to make more profit. And if you are making more profit - you are feeling good.

Successful advertising is based on human emotion.The mediums may change, and so a little bit the styles - but human nature not.
Many people think advertising should entertain or amuse. Of course, people speak about an entertaining advertisement or a web site with animated GIFs, colourful clipart, or multimedia presentations.
But if you want that people give you their hard earned money, you have to show what's in it for them. Photos and graphic art are helpful, but if you want sell, you have to do more.

2010 by Lewis B. Nixon

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