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How To Write Copy That Gets Attention!
by Lewis B. Nixon

If you want sell - use human nature to get attention.

The headline of every sales copy must attract attention. However, this is not primarily an article about attention grabber words. We will cover this topic detailed in a later article. Once again we will cover human nature. Remember, copywriting is salesmanship - and salesmanship is knowledge of human nature.

The following five ideas are a few examples how to get attention.

Money & Profit
You have seen on TV and magazines the many ads that have only one topic. "How To Make Money by doing..." or "How To Make Profit by..." Most people are interested to earn additional money for a better living. Unfortunately many scams and investment fraud schemes are based on this human desire. Con men tell you additional, it's easy with no or little work. That's what everybody is looking for. And although most people know that these promises are too good to be true, many invest their hard earned money. Apply psychology - not the false promises of con men - to your serious business and you will become a winner.

Ambition & Career
Most people in our society are interested to make a career and to climb up the corporate ladder. If you are offering something that helps people to come forward, show your prospects how your product, information, or service will help them.

You regularly see book titles or ad headlines "The Secret of..." Do you have ever seen the infomercials of Brad Richdale on TV? Do you remember the headline - "Secrets to Making Money Now"? Instead of using simply "How To Make Money Now" the first word was Secrets. Whatever you think about Brad Richdale; he knows that people are always interested in "Making Money Now" and not any time in the future and additional he used curiosity. It looks simple, right? But in reality we too often overlook the simple because we try to explain too many things at one time.

Extravagance & Exclusivity
People want always the best, and if possible, at a bargain price. But this is also a way to sell a high-priced product. For example, just imagine a young women, single and without children. She is working as cashier in a supermarket. She's not making much money, but she can afford her living. She sees on ads and on television a model using a specific face cream. She goes to the next drug store and asks for this face cream. It's expensive and she hesitates. So the salesperson in the drug store tries to sell her a similar low-cost product. What you think will happen? Will she buy the low-cost product? In most cases she will not. Although she doesn't have the money at this time, she wants for herself the best (or what she believes is the best), and she will buy it although it is expensive. May be she will not buy in that moment. But then she will save in the next week some money and buy it when she can afford it.

People like it to buy something that improves their living or makes life easier. The list of products, which make our life easier, is endless, e.g. kitchen and gardening tools, furniture, etc.

Now you have some ideas how to write copy that gets attention, but you want...

The AIDA Formula Always Will Help You To Sell

Attention - You have to get your prospect's attention.

Interest - You have to build interest after you have someone's attention. You develop interest by informing the reader exactly how your product or service will positively affect their life.

Desire - You stressed the benefits and now you have to make your offer so perfect that the prospect is feeling bad when they don't buy. Make your offer irresistible by offering a better guarantee than your competitors, giving a bonus, or anything other you find helpful. Also very important - offer and provide an excellent service. Everybody likes to buy but hates to be sold. People always enjoy the feeling that you do your best to help them instead of feeling your only intention is to sell what you have to offer. But never offer service you cannot really provide.

Action - Last you have to close the sale by motivating your prospects to order. Make it easy and tell people it's easy to order. Offer different ways how to order (0800-number, fax, e-mail). Offer different payment options. If you do it in a pleasant way - you will get the order.

Use this classic as a guideline to write winning copy.

2010 by Lewis B. Nixon

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