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How To Get Free Publicity And Generate Response
by Lewis B. Nixon

Promote your product or service at low cost. It's easier as you may think.

Often people confuse public relations with publicity. PR is a general term for many activities as sponsoring, arranging exhibitions, seminars, shows, publishing a newsletter and brochures, and other activities.

Publicity is the coverage of new products, services, ideas, and activities by the media. One way to get the coverage of the media is to send out a press- or also called news release. Most Fortune 500 and other multinational companies are using press releases regular to get coverage by newspapers, magazines, television, and now the new media.

You can do the same.

Whatever you sell - to get free publicity for your product or service is easier as you may think. And you may know, an editorial article about your product or service is always more convincing than a paid ad - and additional you save a lot of money.

The goals of the most press releases are to see the name, product, or service of a company in the media, creating a positive image, making a new product more visible for the customer. This is enough for big companies because their names and products are already well known. For a small business or a start-up it is not enough to see only the own name and product in the media. The small business needs more: The prospective customer must be able to act immediately.

You know direct response ads. Always a phone or fax number, e-mail or web site address is included. Apply the same to your press release. All you have to do is to include the contact information at the end of your text. Please see the example of a press release at the end.

Specific in business-to-business marketing or when you start your business this is an excellent opportunity to introduce a product or service to a small or medium-size market at low cost. There are hundreds of business magazines, trade journals, newsletters read by your prospective customers, too.

To get coverage by the media, first you have to write a press release. As always in marketing, best is your product or service solves a problem. Editors are receiving every day a huge amount of press releases that contain information about the sender. The sender tells everything about himself - a common mistake. Why? Simply because most people do not care about you or your product. Remember, people buy on benefits of a product or service, not on features. But never try to sell in your press release. Offer at the end always a free brochure or other kind of free information.

Before you send out your press release, it is also very important to select carefully the "right" media to get results. Ask yourself, "Who are my customers? Which magazines or other media read my prospective customers?"

Will every journal we send a press release publish an article?
Nobody can guarantee that an article will be published. It is also possible an article will be published without any contact information. But most trade journals and business magazines will include contact information, if you do it a noncommittal manner. Your press release should not be longer than two pages. As aforementioned, editors receive every day a huge amount of press releases. Therefore, a short text has a better chance that someone will read it.

It is important to write a press release that is of interest for the editor and the readers. Because the first person who will read your press release is an editor, put yourself in the shoes of an editor. "Is this product or service really of interest for our audience? Will our readers benefit from an article?" If you are unsure, you better should revise your text. And please always remember: Do not try to advertise. No editor will publish advertising for free, but an interesting press release may result in free publicity.

Example of a Product Press Release:

Nim-Natural Products: Nim Products (Insecticide, Mosquito Repellent) are "niche-products". Articles, based on our press releases, came out in professional journals in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain. Most magazines published also our address and fax number.

For further information please contact:

Toronto, 20th July 1997

Nim or Neem is a tree with many interesting qualities. Almost all of its substances are sour and have active effects on insects. The origin of the Neem tree is India, specific the dry regions.

Before the development of any synthetic insecticides, farmers in India used many of the substances extracted from the seeds of the Neem for the protection of their products. Neem is also known for its antiseptic and curative qualities for human and veterinary as soap, anti-parasite, dental paste, mosquito repellent, etc.

For many years this source of natural products was forgotten.

During the past decade, 25 different active ingredients have been isolated; nine of them affect the growth and behavior of insects. The typical ingredients of Neem are Triterpenoides also called Limonoides, of which are derived Azadirachtin, Nimbin and Salannin are the most important, with specific effects on the different phases of growth of the insects.

The Nimbines and Salannines have a repellent and anti-growth effect in several insects in order of Coleoptera, Homoptera, Heteroptera, Orthoptera, Nemetodes, etc.
Nim-Natural Insecticide is particularly suitable for both, vegetables and flowers. The Azadirachtina and its derivatives generally cause inhibition in the growth and disrupt the metamorphosis. These substances provoke a disorder in the hormonal activities in the different cycles of growth. Thus the insect can't develop in a normal manner, among other effects.

Nim-Natural Insecticide controls the following pests: 1. Very good pest control: Beetle larvae, Butterfly and moth caterpillars. 2. Good pest control: Grasshoppers, Leaf miners, Leaf- and plant hoppers. 3. Fair pest control: Adult beetles, Aphids, white flies.

In studies carried out in toxicological institutes in the USA and Germany, the different neem seed products were neither mutagenic nor carcinogenic, and they did not produce any skin irritations or organic alterations to mice and rats even at high concentrations.

Nim-Natural Insecticides are 100% natural products, available in dry form and as formulated oil. Only the formulated oil contains 15% organic emulsifications.

For free information about Nim-Natural Insecticide please contact without obligation: (Here the contact information for prospective buyers should be placed)


For further information please contact: (Contact for editor, normally name and phone number)

2010 by Lewis B. Nixon

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