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How to Focus on The Needs and Wants of Your Target Market!
by Lewis B. Nixon

You have to know who are your customers and what they really want or need.

If you are an enthusiastic angler and you sell fishing equipment, that's great for you, because you know the specific wants and needs of your customers.

But too often people only have a roughly imagination what their customers really want. To find out what your customers want, first you have to define your target group. Large companies always are doing extensive market research before they put a new product on the market. They do it themselves or appoint a professional market research firm.

In most cases the small biz can't spend the money or time to do a comprehensive market research.
So imagine two typical customers. Put yourself in their shoes and write down the answers to the following questions.

  • What are the benefits you buy?
  • Where is the product purchased?
  • How often will you use the product?
  • Is the market changing from time to time by trends?

The answers will help you to identify the specific needs and wants of your typical customers.
Don't concentrate on the features of your product - focus on what's in it for you. I can't say it often enough: People only buy on benefits - not on features.

Then study your competition and try their products. If one or more of your competitors are very successful, learn from them. Don't test only the product, study also their service offer and service behaviour. To keep it short; study the complete offer. Don't misunderstand; that doesn't mean that you should copy what they are doing. Believe me, it will never work.

Find out what you can do better, how you can improve the benefits for the typical customer.

  • Is it possible to offer a better price?
  • Can you improve your offer by adding a specific service or benefit?
  • Are you able to offer a better guarantee or a more favourable payment option?

One example how you can improve your service: If you sell on the Internet, think about adding a live chat program. So customers can contact you immediately when visiting your site.
Many businesses concentrate mainly on their products. Offer and provide always a fast, friendly, and reliable customer service. Communicate with your customers. So you will learn, and always be up-to-date, what they really want or need.

Michael LeBoeuf says in his famous book How To Win Customers and Keep Them For Life, "Make helping the customer the top priority in your job". He calls it, "The Better Than Selling Principle".

If you really like what you sell, you have a good chance that your words will convince prospective buyers. If you are not convinced of what you try to sell, you might fail.

If you want sell the product of someone other, test it before. If you enjoyed what you got, read everything about the product you can get, and study the competition before you write any sales copy.

Whether you write a sales letter, a brochure, or web content, imagine always what your typical customer wants or needs. If people have to read first a lot of information about your business, they will throw away your sales letter, or leave your web site with a click to your competitor. Always keep in your mind that people don't care about you or your product as long as they cannot see what's in it for them.

2010 by Lewis B. Nixon

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