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How To Master The Art of Salesmanship
by James Capobianco

I put together this little article because, although basic, we all must 'master the art of selling'. Without this skill, the foundation on which you build your business will not be a solid one.

Mastering the art of selling is simply knowing how to present whatever it is that you're selling, to the buyer in such a manner that they feel buying it from you will solve their problems or fulfill their dreams. Anybody can sell anything to anybody. The thing is, some things are harder to sell than others and require different kinds of presentations. Finally, you've got to realize that unless you make your sales calls, you won't make any sales, and the more sales calls you make, the more sales you're going to sell.

Selling by online is really no different than selling in person, face to face with your prospect. Really, it's just a way of making sales calls more efficiently and economically. Thus you've got to have your sales presentation on a web site or in an email, and present it to your prospect just as if you were standing at their front door.

You've got to get their attention - you've got to appeal to their interests - you've got to make them understand how the purchase of your product will benefit them - and finally, you've got to close the sale by causing them to reach into their wallet for their credit card or to write out a check for whatever it is you're selling.

Remember, in essence, even though you're calling on your prospective buyers online, it's the same as if you were knocking on their front door. Thus it's very important that your material look its best. Make your sales piece - from the outside in - look professional and successful. Everyone knows that the opening encounter with the prospect affects the success of the presentation and whether or not a sale is ultimately closed.

Once they're at your site or reading your email and is looking at your presentation, you've got to carry over that image of professionalism and success - make them feel comfortable - be friendly and believable. Stimulate their interest in whatever you're selling by appealing to one of their basic wants, needs or problems with a solution. Don't waste his time with a long and/or complicated dissertation.

Make your sales presentation flow - anticipate any objections - and logically answer - them within your presentation. Explain the benefits to be derived from ownership of your product or service, and then whenever possible, let them see or read of proof or testimonials from people who have already bought from you.
The most important thing you want to do is to create the fulfillment they'll have as a result of buying from you. Stimulate their imagination, and explain to them how he or she can use whatever you're selling to their advantage.

Finally, and most importantly, make it as simple and as easy as possible for your prospect to buy from you. Don't force them to read a long, drawn out sales agreement or contract. Just make your presentation, explain how purchasing from you will solve their problems or fulfill their dreams, paint a word picture that allows them to see them self with your product and their problems solved or their dreams fulfilled, and then give them a simple coupon to fill out and send in along with their cash, check or money order.

The order agreement or simple coupon should close the sale for you - that is, if you've written your presentation properly and they see what you're selling as an answer to one of their wants, needs or problems - it'll say: YES! I WANT WHAT YOU'RE SELLING! HERE'S MY MONEY - SO PLEASE RUSH IT TO ME!

Too many sales presentations begin with some sort of story about the seller - Hello there, I'm writing to you from the beautiful beaches of Waikiki; or after a hundred years of research I've found the fountain of youth; even some such tripe as dear friend - you may not know me but I'm now a millionaire...

When you knock on that door - when you put your sales presentation online - when you're trying to sell something by email - appeal to the basic wants, needs or problems of your prospect. He or she wants only to satisfy his or her problems - not read about who or where you are or what you've done - just ask them if they'd like to know how to make their tires on their car last 10 years or more - if so, let me explain - if not, then you can click on through because I don't want to waste your time...

Above all else, remember that people's wants, needs and problems are changing constantly - and that people are learning all the time - meaning that you must constantly be up-to-date with what you're selling, and improving your sales presentation.

Copyright James Capobianco

James Capobianco has been self employed for over 25 years, both on and offline. At his web site,, he shares his experience and expertise when it comes to owning your own business. Come pay a visit at

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