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7 Secrets To Writing A Successful Ad (To Make Your Customers Buy Your Product!)
by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Whether you're advertising a product on print, radio or Internet, the following tips will help you write and successfully advertise it:

Yes, you have to grab their attention right away -- that is, by way of your headline. Tell me, would you buy a product after reading this headline: "New Hair Growth Shampoo Now In The Market!" I don't know about you, but if it was something like, "50% Hair Growth In 7 Days!" I'd buy the product and try it out to see if it delivers what it promised in the headline.

It's a more effective headline than the first because it gives a concrete result in only a short time. Bald or semi-bald people are more likely to buy the product when they read the second headline.

If you've written a very good headline, chances are you'll be able to write a good lead based on that. The key here is to support your headline with facts in the lead. Another tip: Don't waste words explaining to your readers and target consumers what they already know. Go straight to the point. Zero in on your product and what it can do for them.

Again, taking our example from the hair growth shampoo, don't waste a paragraph explaining the causes of baldness. Give them specifics and facts right away such as how effective your hair growth shampoo is. If tests have been conducted to determind the product's effectivity, then mention the results.

Ask yourself, "What can I say or write here to convince my readers or potential customers to actually buy my product? "List things related to your product and write them in a logical manner. Remember that grabbing their attention is winning half the battle. The next step is for you to convince them to buy your product once you have their complete attention.

If you want sales results, learn how to write and present your ad in a logical manner. Treat it as if you're writing a short story or a novel: you have an introduction, you have a conflict, a climax and finally a solution.

Make your readers and potential customers feel like the ad is really for them. Organize your sales points according to importance: start with the most important and then finish off with the least.

Again, if your ad is interesting, that's the only reason your readers or customers are ever going to finish reading your ad and possibly buy and try out your product. One effective way for you to "connect" with your readers or customers is making your ad speak directly to them. Tell them a story, appeal to their emotions, their needs, their desires.

If possible, add testimonials from people they are familiar with; a famous actor or actress perhaps. Never make the mistake of talking about your company and your success more than the product you are selling. Your target customers are reading your ad because they want to know about your product and not about you. Don't even bother to tell them how your company developed the product. Tell them instead what your product can do for them.

The only way to achieve this is to tell the truth in your ad. You have to be able to develop the image that your customers can trust you based on the kind of ads you show them. If you have to choose between being clever or ingenious with your ad and being honest and truthful, go with the latter. Your customers will be able to discern that you are being honest with them.

If you were able to convince them into buying one of your products before by giving them false hopes or facts, trust me, you won't be able to convince them to buy that same product again simply because the product didn't deliver what you promised in the ad. They might even refuse to buy any other products from you in future.

You've managed to hook their attention, get them to read the entire ad and convince them to buy and try out your product. But without this important part of your ad, you still won't be able to really have a successful ad. Yes, your customers now want to buy their product. They're excited to try it out.

Where and how do they buy? It's important to put an address, a phone number or even a hotline so they can buy and take that final step in your ad campaign. Give them ways of how they can order: credit card, a form they can mail and send money order to, discount and promotional coupons.

Keep in mind these tips and you'll be able to produce ads that will sell you your products!

Copyright Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Shery Ma Belle Arrieta is with the Internet Musketeers,Inc. (IMI) Online Business Center which assists businesses with search engine optimization and a multitude of other business services. If you are interested in custom, ghosted articles to promote your business, similar to the one you just finished reading, consider employing our team of professional wordsmiths to weave articles developed to reach your target market.

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