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Special Interest

The "How-To" Travel eBook or How to Escape the Rat Race: An inspiring, no-nonsense Travel Handbook for Students and other First-Time Travelers. Turn your dreams of travel into reality, whatever others may say. A somewhat different travel guide you may not found elsewhere...more information.

Business - How To

The Secrets of Writing a Winning Proposal - Most businesses will sooner or later have to do a proposal to get new orders. This maybe a bid on a contract, a business proposal to a government authority - to another company or organization... more information.

13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget - Are you tired of all the money-making opportunities, which promise you will become a millionaire by working only two to three hours a day? Get now more information here!

How To Start Your Own Security Patrol Business On A Shoestring Budget - Are you looking for serious and profitable business idea? See details now.

The Super Productive Writer
Double or Triple Your Freelance Writing Income This Year – Without Raising Your Fees by Bob Bly, the man McGraw-Hill calls 'America's top copywriter.'

Bob Bly's Public Relations course
Why pay a big NYC PR firm $30,000 to $120,000 or more when you can make yourself rich and famous with a "do-it-yourself" PR campaign?

Bob Bly's "Lost" Copywriting Formulas
Battle-tested shortcuts ... and proven persuasion methods ... that can help you write stronger copy -- with less time and effort!

Are you looking for a way to "escape" the 9-to-5 rat race?
To discover the 3 simple steps to building an online "retirement income" just click here now!

How to be a Successful Consultant After 50
by Bob Bly

Selling Your Services by Bob Bly.


How to Write Your eBook or Other Short Book - Fast!
by Judy Cullins

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