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If you are looking for a promising business concept - now you have found one. The increasing need for security will generate more and more demand for this kind of service. There is a need for security patrol companies. Consider additional to private households the many small and medium size businesses, which are your prospective customers. Large companies use large security service companies. You can build closer relationships to smaller entrepreneurs like you, because you will be more flexible than a large security company to meet specific needs of your customers.

How to start your own security patrol business on a shoestring budget, written by Mike Canada and edited by C.K. Canada, is a complete and easy to follow step-by-step instruction guide (50 pages), which teaches you everything you need to know to start and to keep the cost low.

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This eBook explains detailed how to start a security company - what you have to do, and what you should not do. So you will save a lot of time and money. But you will also learn how to increase your business after your successful start - and so you will know how to run your business successful in the long term. Sample reports and forms you can use are also included - and online sources you can use to check licensing requirements, employment, and web sites addresses of professional organizations... and much more.

Do you know that you can start a security business at an average investment of less than US $ 1,000 (not counting a patrol vehicle, which can be your own)?


Contents of the eBook

The author – Mike Canada – has done it. He will teach you everything you have to know to succeed in this business. The chapter introduction will give you a general overview. Then the author will lead you in 10 steps how to start and how to succeed in the security patrol business. See the following short quotations of each step.

  • Introduction:
    “Welcome to the Security Patrol business. This is an excellent career choice for today’s entrepreneurs seeking to find a stable market that generates income in all kinds of economic conditions. This guide is designed to assist you in developing your new business without utilizing a large amount of capital. It will teach the new business owner how to set up and operate on a shoestring budget. In other words, using a minimum amount of money. Where you go from there depends on only one thing… How successful you want to be!
    Keep in mind though that you will need a small amount of cash, usually less than one thousand dollars not counting the cost of a vehicle to get started correctly but the payoff will net you a very comfortable and rewarding income as long as you remember your number one priority… Keep the customer happy!”

  • Step One - Obtaining required licenses and permits:
    “Before you start there are a couple of very important decisions to make. Have you decided on a town or area where you want to start your new business? Good. Take some time and check the yellow pages and local business directories to see how many other security patrol services are currently operating in the area you have chosen. Ask yourself if you can compete successfully or are you attempting to move in on an established area where the majority of the businesses are satisfied with their current service? These are decisions you must make before you start investing your hard earned money into an area that may possibly collapse before you get a chance to even get started. …”

  • Step Two - What you will need to get started:
    “By now you know that in today’s instant Internet world, you will be competing with others for your slice of the proverbial market pie. This is easier than you think in the security patrol business, especially if you possess the upper hand on the business you are offering and this guide will definitely give you the upper hand. …”

  • Step Three - Meeting the potential customer:
    “My phone is not ringing”! Why? “I’ve passed out the flyers to various businesses, I’ve told my friends and neighbor’s and asked them to spread the word that I am in business.” “Nobody’s calling, why? What’s wrong?” …

  • Step Four - Setting up your filing system:
    “When a customer walks into my office they can see I keep their information in a locked and secured filing cabinet within three to five steps away from where I am sitting. They can also see that I am able to retrieve their file immediately because it is filed alphabetically under their business name. They also see that no file or folder I am currently working on is open in their presence. …”

  • Step Five - Office forms and reports:
    “To simplify your operation there are several forms and reports that should be used. The ones listed in this section are generic in nature and should be changed to suit your specific needs. Samples of customer account cards, receipt forms, customer payment records, service contract …”

  • Step Six - Performing your patrol duties:
    “This is the step where you actually earn your bread and butter! By the way, you are being watched. Yes, watched. Never doubt it! Prepare for it and be conscious of it at all times. Up until this moment you have laid the groundwork to become established and now it’s time to prove that your services warrant high praise from the business community. It other words this is where the rubber meets the road!…”

  • Step Seven - Pricing and salary:
    “Let’s take a break from the patrol duties and focus on the need for employees and how to determine that need as you start out. It is always a good idea to include yourself as the “Main” patrol person and at the very least one additional employee. Why? …”

  • Step Eight - Building on, increasing your business:
    “At this point you have contracted with several local businesses and are receiving your first payments for services rendered. This is a good feeling and it should be. You earned it and your customers trust you enough to pay you to keep their business safe. Is there anything else you can do to increase your business? Yes, plenty. …”

  • Step Nine - Fine tuning your career:
    “Have you ever watched a musician right before a concert begins? Have you noticed them tuning the strings on their instruments or adjusting the mouthpieces or reeds, etc.? They are fine tuning them to make sure that the sound produced blends perfectly with the other instruments on every note that is played. The security business is no different they must fine-tune their instruments as well. How can I do this? …”

  • Step Ten - Fitting the pieces together:
    “A security officer in today’s world will require constant education in specific fields within the profession. This is only natural as our society progresses into this new century. There are many resources available to you on security related topics and my advice to you is to take advantage of them always.”

  • Review:
    “Objective: You want to start your own private security patrol business.
    You do not want to spend a lot of money to get started. Decide on the town or community you want to do business in. How many other private security patrol services are operating in this location? Can you compete with them successfully? Go for it!
    … You are your most valuable asset. You are the controlling factor of your own fate in life. Make it worthwhile. I wish you every success in your new business.”


To help you to start your own security company, you will get additional to "How To Start Your Own Security Patrol Business" one more helpful eBook, which will help you to start your new business venture: "The Small Biz Beginner Guide". This eBook contains information about choosing a business name, learn to think like an entrepreneur, the psychology of success, and more. It is included in the PDF file you download.

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Remember what you will get for your money. The author is a professional, who's done it. This guide is based on personal experience. In 10 steps you will learn everything you need to know about starting your own security patrol company. Sample reports and forms you can use are also included. How to perform your patrol duties! Meeting the potential customer! Pricing and salary! Web site addresses of professional organizations and links to other helpful websites! You will also learn how to increase your business after your successful start and much more.

This eBook is a helpful source for everybody interested to start a security company. But please note, it is written primarily for entrepreneurs in the US and Canada, because all pricing/salary quotations and online sources are related to the US and Canada, only.

Read this complete and easy to follow step-by-step instruction guide before you start any activities. You will save a lot of your valuable time - and keep the start up cost low.

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