Who is

Mike Canada

Mike Canada began his law enforcement and security career in the military as an operations NCO with a Provost Marshall Division responsible for daily direction of security matters and held an additional non-military security position with a civilian firm during his enlistment. After six years of active duty, Mr. Canada was honorably discharged and accepted a position with a security firm owned by a former high school friend and classmate.

The author worked for a county police department as a commissioned deputy as well as a labor relations investigator for a large corporation. It was during this eight year period that Mr. Canada was responsible for bringing several criminals to justice for a variety of felony offenses through his investigative work. Some still remain incarcerated. He has attended and completed over twenty courses in the security and law enforcement field over the years. He specialized in criminal behavior, using this knowledge as a basis for developing various investigative and security measure techniques which are presented in this guide.

Mr. Canada branched out on his own with a security patrol business and gained considerable knowledge in the security patrol field and through his hands on experience developed what he considers to be an affirmative approach to starting your own security patrol business. During his career, Mr. Canada has received many commendations from various law enforcement, security, and civilian agencies for his service in the investigative and security field. Among them is a commendation for solving a 6.5 million dollar industrial fire caused by an arsonist. He was also named as a "Fellow" of the Academy of Police Science through the National Law Enforcement Academy during the early 1970's. During this period, Mr. Canada worked as an instructor at a security academy where he taught investigative procedures to industrial security officers as well as management officials.

Throughout his career, Mr. Canada has encouraged entrepreneurship and has now decided to pass along his experiences. Although preferring not to take a categorized straight forward item by item approach in his guide, he has related a personal touch explaining many do's and don'ts associated with starting a Security Patrol business. The knowledge gained from this guide would serve any entrepreneur well in encouraging them in the right way to build a positive business that they can be proud of.

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