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Dear Visitor,

In today's competitive business environment it is hard to get new orders, to get new customers, or to find new business partners. So, most businesses will sooner or later have to do a proposal to get new orders - and to increase so their sales. This maybe a bid on a contract, a business proposal to a government authority, to another company or organization. But only a well prepared proposal will be successful. Learn now how to write a business proposal that meets the requirements of the addressee.

If you have to write business proposals...

If you want prepare and write winning business proposals...

"The Secrets Of Writing A Winning Proposal"

...will help YOU to do it !

Make more sales through winning business proposals, if you run your own business. Succeed in your career, if your job requires writing proposals. Robert Tuomi will show you in his eBook "The Secrets of Writing a Winning Proposal" (83 pages) how to prepare and write a winning proposal that gets results. Throughout his career Robert Tuomi has often been at the forefront in the creation of winning proposals. His assignments have also seen him on the review panels reviewing proposals.

This eBook is a special report for everyone who prepares and writes business proposals - it reveals all secrets to create a proposal that gets results.

It offers beginners a clear and easy to understand guide, but it is also an in-depth special report. So, professional proposal writers will also profit from Robert Tuomi's advice and tips.

In "The Secrets of Writing a Winning Proposal" Robert Tuomi reveals all secrets you have to know to write a proposal that gets results:

    * The Reality of Proposals
    "I will go beyond some do’s and don'ts and discuss the proposal environment. I will explore the reasons some proposals succeed and others do not. I will provide suggestions on how to prepare proposals which will stand out to be successful."

    * How to Fail
    "Some proposals are doomed to fail right from the get go. There are a number of reasons for this. To understand why is to know the difference between outstanding, not so outstanding and never will be outstanding. When properly assembled, proposals should clearly deliver the seller’s best sales message."

    * The Importance of Focus
    "Proposals should have one direction and one voice and be coordinated from beginning to end. They should, and this is a revelation to some I am sure, actually have a beginning and an end. This can never be repeated enough. A proposal is not an assembly of unconnected points."

    * The Value of Organization
    "If the preparers are not organized how can they be expected to present logical arguments? How can they convince someone else that their organization is up to the task? Will this not be evident in their pitches?"

    * Meeting Customer Needs
    "The more that is known the better. What is most important is to determine customer expectations. This starts with knowing their pain points, the areas that are of a concern to them and that are causing them to seek outside help. In other words, the reason for the proposal."

    * Creating Logical Formats
    "Formats are nothing more than consistency in the way information is presented.... If the rules are understood they can then be broken effectively. All of these rules are developed for a purpose which is usually to add clarity to the proposal."

    * Using Graphics and Illustrations
    "As we move further into the 21st century, we will find that the whole nature of proposals will quickly and dramatically evolve to something completely different. Graphics and animations will work like and undertow and pull us into a new world."

    * Writing Winning Arguments
    "A good proposal writer will present reasoning that leaves no other option but for the customer to make the right choice. The key is to organize the argument so that it follows the proper path."

    * Editing that Makes Sense
    "Aside from spell checking, consistency is the most important aspect of editing. Proposals are formal documents so editors should be really picky with grammar and follow the rules taught in school. While a proposal is a sales document, some might call it a big advertisement, it is not an ad."

    * Dealing with Unknowns
    "It is a competitive world. Winners, however, do share some traits. They are usually the best prepared, the best at writing effective sales arguments and have the best solutions."

If your business requires among other writing of proposals, this eBook will be your helpful step-by-step guide. It will help you to prepare and to write a winning business proposal. So, don't miss to read it before you write your next proposal. Profit from the experience of the author. So you will save a lot of your valuable time and money.

Robert Tuomi, worked his way through university as a broadcast journalist, graduating with a degree in social sciences in 1973 from Carleton University. Following graduation he established the first Public Affairs Office for the Attorney-General of the Province of Alberta and was the first Director of Information for the Alberta Institute of Chartered Accountants before entering the corporate arena.

During a career as a consultant and senior staff member, he has created and managed integrated national and global campaigns combining advertising, public relations, sales promotion and account development. By integrating these disciplines he has successfully influenced markets and contributed to overall business goals with industry-leading multi-national organizations, including Siemens and NCR.

Often he has been involved in the proposal development process and the opportunity to re-purpose award-winning marketing communications concepts into effective business development strategies. His results-oriented approach is based on a foundation of market understanding matched with creativity to build market awareness and open doors to facilitate the sales process.

Remember what you will get for your money. The author is a professional. His eBook is based on years of business experience. In 10 chapters (83 pages) you will learn the secrets you need to know to write a successful proposal -  The Importance of Focus, Meeting Customers Needs, Creating Logical Formats, Writing Winning Arguments, Dealing with Unknowns, and much more.

Use this special report as a reference book when you write and prepare a proposal.

It will help you to make more sales through winning business proposals, if you run your own business.

It will help you to succeed in your career, if your job requires writing proposals that get results.

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If You want prepare and write Winning Business Proposals,
this eBook will be Your Guide to Success!

FREE: Take a look into this special report now - and read straightway 23 pages (Chapters 1 + 2 + beginning of third chapter).

Please note, it is a PDF file and to read the excerpt you need the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 6.0 or newer. Older versions cannot open the file.

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Robert Tuomi, Author & Cornelia Fey, Publisher

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