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Start Your Own Small Business and Achieve Financial Independence



“13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget”


by C.K. Canada


Self-Employment in 99 Easy Ways



…will help YOU to do it!


Dear Entrepreneur,


Starting your own small business is your ticket to financial independence – and if you want and have the passion and persistence - to unlimited earnings. Running your own small business is exciting, but it is not going to be on vacation. Self-employment is not not easy and not without risks - but the rewards can be superior.


To achieve financial independence, you have to learn - and you have to work hard. But then, one day you will notice...

  • Your money problems are over
  • You achieved financial independence
  • You have the freedom to do want you want
  • You have the freedom to use your time as you like


Your friends and former colleagues might say something like, “She (or He) was lucky enough to be with the right idea at the right place at the right time.”

But you will know it better. You worked hard - and you had the passion and persistence to overcome all obstacles. You Made Your Luck !!!

It may take time to come to this point in your life. But if you want it, you will make it!
Thousands of people around the globe do it every day. Why should you not do it?

Become a micropreneur! Micropreneurs are small business owners who enjoy the freedom to do what they like, who enjoy their independence instead of working for others who sign their paychecks. For instance, if you like dogs and you enjoy working with dogs, you start your own “dog service”. As a micropreneur, you may hire later one to three employees to expand a bit your business. But you will have still the time to work with dogs - something you enjoy.

“A micropreneur is an entrepreneur willing to accept the risk of starting and managing the type of business that remains small, lets them do the kind of work they want to do, and offers them a balanced lifestyle.” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropreneur)


Enjoy the freedom and the easier lifestyle of working on your own without large overhead and handling a large staff. I am a micropreneur - without a lot of business expenses and without the hassles of handling a large staff. And you can too!


The eBook 13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget (49 pages) will show you 13 small business ideas almost everybody can start immediately - with no need of special skills or a specific education. And most you can start with very little up front money.

Each of the 13 Small Businesses you can run as a one-woman or one-man show. You don’t need any further employee when you start. And most of the 13 self-employment ideas you can also start in your spare time as part-time business, if you have a job.



Read what the author, C.K. Canada, of 13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget, says (among other) in the foreword.


“With millions of people losing their jobs due to the onset of globalization in the workforce, more and more people are turning to small businesses to survive.  Many of these people have no direction or knowledge in starting their own business yet fully understand the need to provide for themselves and their families. That is where this guide comes in. You will develop skills that you never knew existed within yourself and find that many of the business ideas are so simple you will wonder why you have not thought of them yourself. The truth is you have!!!

Think back to the many times you have woke up late at night with an idea and knew positively that it would work and that it could be developed into a fantastic money maker very easily. Then you went back to sleep and could not remember all of the thought when you woke up the next morning. Frustrating isn’t it?  Yes.  Did you get up when the thought came to you and write it down or turned on a tape recorder and listed your idea with all the particulars? No, why not?  Believe it or not this is when all the best ideas are born. Many inventors and entrepreneurs have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night, or anytime an idea comes into their mind and either wrote it down or recorded it for later use when they have the time to think about and scrutinize it. It is a well known fact that thousands of businesses have started and or have been upgraded to near perfection due to those thoughts in the middle of the night.


Well, the author has written down some thoughts for you. Many you will recognize as flourishing businesses throughout many countries, others may seem new to you. The guide is written quite differently to include all aspects of each business and what you, as the entrepreneur may encounter along the way and many suggestions to give you that extra edge in developing and maintaining a great small business that will provide you and your family and even future generations with a business of your own. A business you can be proud of.”

Here are the 13 business ideas the author covers in her eBook:


  1. Mobile Painter and Odd Job Service
  2. Parking Space Rentals
  3. Professional Dog Walker and Pooper Scooper Service
  4. Special Occasion Cakes
  5. Construction Photographer
  6. Postcard Mailer
  7. Customer Discount Savings Card Business
  8. Deliver "Dine-In."
  9. Start your own Bulletin Board Advertising Service
  10. Start a Local Mystery Shopper Service - This idea contains a complete “How-To” including all the forms and reports necessary to get started.
  11. Farm Implement Cleaning
  12. Plant Display, Watering and Care Service
  13. Contractor Referral Service


Additional, you will get the Bonus Report “Self-Employment in 99 Easy Ways” (19 pages). Many of the 99 self-employment ideas you can start as part time business in your spare time. And to start most of them - you don't have to invest a lot of money. This eBook will show you 99 self-employment ideas, each in a few words as the following four examples:

Not all offices and workplaces have suitable canteen or food vending services for their employees, and not all are within easy distance of suitable shopping facilities. Some employees have little time or inclination to provide themselves in such circumstances with a sufficiently tempting packed lunch. Here lies the opportunity for the enterprising businessman or woman to operate a sandwich delivery service, preferably one offering unusual fillings, perhaps also providing the lunchbox which is then retrieved the following day and another, complete with sandwiches, substituted in its place.

Here we aim to make a customer of every single person who ever needs to buy a gift, by offering something unique and highly appropriate. Think for example of businesses currently operating without competition in this fantastic market: delivering bottles of champagne to the recipient; delivering teddy bears with a message and the recipient's name embroidered on the front; providing hampers of 'not on my wage' goodies to delighted recipients; providing story books with the child's name and those of his or her friends and pets incorporated into the text.

No. 71 RENT - A - .......
When I first saw the advertisement for 'Rent-a-Nappy', I doubted the mentality of the couple who offered to deliver boxes of nappies to the customers' doors. Seeing their advertisement grow larger over the months that followed, I realized perhaps there must be something profitable here, of potential interest to others. The couple, it seems, deliver nappies in bulk to the door, saving the mother the cost and inconvenience of traveling with a new baby. Their prices too for the items were competitive since they bought their stock in bulk, and actual cost to the customer was very little higher than the cost of the same product bought in the shops. The 'Rent-a' principle applies also to personal services, for example: 'Rent-a-Nanny', 'Rent-a-Mrs. Mop', and 'Rent-a-Gardener' being but a few of the many examples I have recently come by.

Still seeking to satisfy an insatiable interest in anything concerning the past, a number of enterprising individuals have discovered a way of serving a large number of customers with just one item, copied many times. These individuals collect the historical details relating to villages, towns, even cities, and write them up to the delight of avid readers with little time to unearth the facts for themselves - often with little inclination to sit delving into volumes wherein the details are contained. Here lies the opportunity for someone who enjoys discovering such facts. All that is required is one copy of the end product, to be photocopied or printed, and sold in local shops, door-to-door, or by means of advertisements placed in the local press.

Figure out how your skills or talent can
be adapted to one of the small business ideas.

Choose the business that is “right for you” and start. Then think about how you can improve your product or service by adding a specific service or benefit - or use your imagination to combine two or more business ideas. For instance, take the small business idea “How to make Money with Special Occasions Cakes” of the eBook. You can combine this business with the self-employment idea “Sandwich Service” of the bonus report.

If your customers like and enjoy your product or service, they will also buy from you another product or service. Try to find a product or service you can sell to your existing customers. It is always easier to sell to a satisfied customer who knows you than to a new customer. The above combination is only one example. There are many combinations possible. Each combination (of two or more small business ideas) will increase your sales - and so your income.

The opportunities are endless. I am doing it this way, and I enjoy it. I never hired a single employee, and I never rented prestigous (and expensive) office space. I did not spend a lot of money to start my businesses. I have invested (and still invest) a lot of time and energy. And yes, sometimes there are setbacks and not every day is great. But I enjoy the freedom to be my own boss.

The author of 13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget ,C.K. Canada, is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of many accomplishments in the retail and merchandising fields as well with the business public. C.K. and her husband have owned and operated several businesses over the past thirty years and have provided insight into successful steps of operating a small business.


C.K. has managed day-to-day operations and over her career has developed a winning procedure for starting and maintaining all aspects of small businesses. She says the formula is simple planning and using common sense. Never getting in over your head and staying within your niche. Start out small and grow with your business.


With her vast knowledge of business, retail and merchandising techniques, C.K. is now offering the new entrepreneur as well as the experienced, helpful information that will save not only money but lots of time as they venture into the world of owning their own small business. C.K. Canada edited also our eBook “How to Start Your Own Security Patrol Business On A Shoestring Budget” written by her husband Mike.

To help you to start selling your new product or service, you will get additional to 13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget an extra booklet - “Advertising & Selling Basics“ (40 pages). You will learn the basics on how to sell + how to write ads that get results + how to write a successful sales letter. In this special report you will find also links to great free online sources and book recommendations. Take time to read this booklet carefully - and apply the tips and techniques. It will definitively help you to start and run your own small business.


But that’s not all !


You will get one more helpful booklet, which will help you to start your new business venture - The Small Biz Beginner Guide”. This eBook contains information about choosing a business name, legal entity, licenses and permits, learn to think like an entrepreneur, the psychology of success, book recommendations, and much more.

You will receive all eBooks in PDF format in a zip file you download. To read (and print) the eBooks you need the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 6.0 or newer. Please note, older versions can not open the files.

Alternatively, use the Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set.

Please remember now what you will get:


  1. 13 Small Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring Budget by C.K. Canada
  2. Advertising & Selling Basics
  3. The Small Biz Beginner Guide
  4. Self-Employment in 99 Easy Ways



With the knowledge of this Small Business Starter Kit you can start immediately your own small business on a shoestring budget.


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Take Action - and Start Your Own Small Business!!!


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C.K. Canada, Author & Cornelia Fey, Publisher

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