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"A Somewhat Different Travel Guide"
You Will Not Find Elsewhere

An inspiring, no-nonsense Handbook for First-Time Travelers

by Anna Ransome

Dear Visitor,

If you want realize your travel dreams - this eBook will help you to do it.

The above words are no empty phrases. I have never seen a book similar to Anna Ransome's travel handbook. From the moment I received the book proposal from Anna Ransome I was eager to read the entire manuscript. I think I could not better explain what this eBook is about than Anna. So I show you here the book proposal she sent me before she wrote this inspiring ebook. If you want get more out of life and live your dreams of travel, I urge you to read on. This eBook contains many travel tips and advice for students and any other first-time traveler. It will be your "Key" to the fascinating life style of travel. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

AR Travel Photo Milford Sound"This would be a book for those who are thinking about quitting their job, selling up and leaving their country to go travelling. This is a daunting prospect for anyone who values security in life. The thought of venturing to an unknown country and leaving friends, family and home behind is quite scary to the majority of would-be travellers! This book would inspire and help people to overcome the barrier of fear that would otherwise prevent them from realising their dreams of travel.

I have travelled myself, leaving England when I was eighteen (by myself) to spend eight months exploring Australia. It was quite terrifying at first, but I soon made friends and found myself feeling totally liberated from the demands and shackles of everyday life. I went sky-diving, bungee-jumping and diving. I walked desert, rainforest and mountains. In short, I had the time of my life.

AR Travel Photo Monkey MiaA few years later, after I had finished my degree, I sold my house and went 'Down under' again, this time to New Zealand. I trekked through the wilderness of Stewart Island, climbed Ngarahoe volcano (otherwise known as 'Mordor' in 'Lord of the Rings') and hiked up some big mountains, seeing some unforgettable sights.

To write this book, I would be drawing mainly upon my own first-hand experience, but I would also do some extra research into the options of organised trips abroad, how to apply for a working visa and the best travel insurance. I am really passionate about travelling, and so I travel. But it seems to me that a lot of people are passionate about something, but never get to do it. I once got into a conversation about travelling with a man from British Gas, who'd come to fix my radiator. He told me that his life-long dream had been to trek the Antarctic and experience the beauty of this vast ice landscape.

AR Travel Photo View when hiking up Ben Lomond I asked him if he was planning to go there, and he replied "no. I can't now." I asked him why and got the reply I expected. "I have a house, a job, a pension." Perhaps to him security was the real dream, and trekking in the Antarctic was just a fanciful notion, which is why he was still in England, working for British Gas.

I am not denying that for a lot of people, having money, a house and a pension is the most important thing in life. This is the dream of many. But others find that they are living this dream, but it's not their dream. It is the dream that Western society imposes upon us. Success is so often rated on what your job title or salary is, rather than on how much enjoyment you get out of life! Sometimes, for the lucky few, the two are related, but more often it is the case that people work only to live, not because they enjoy their job!

AR Travel Photo Sunset Color Indian OceanI have found that, for me, living life to the full is travelling. I would like to write this self-help e-Book for people who, like me, have found themselves living someone else's dream; for people who feel there is more to life than a job they hate, and a routine that bores them.

There are many books on the market giving tips on travelling, what to do and what not to do. There are also a lot of guidebooks and articles on travel and other countries. This e-Book will be different as its purpose is to inspire people to leave a life they are dissatisfied with, to abandon their grip on the security that is the ideal of our society, but is not necessarily the ideal of those who live in it.

It will also give practical advice such as how to budget for travel, how to meet people once in another country and how to overcome the jitters that result from heading to the unknown on your own.

AR Travel Photo Ayers RockI intend to aim this at older first-time travellers as well as gap-year students - those with the responsibilities of career and house, who are thinking of taking the plunge and leaving it all behind. Over half the people I met travelling were over 25, and had left jobs and home ownership in order to travel. Certain sections such as 'leave the stresses of work' will apply more to the over 25's, but the majority of this book will be written for both gap-year students and older travellers alike."

I am sure most of you enjoyed this first insight into Anna Ransome's ideas and thoughts. Her philosophy of life and her practical advice on how to realize travel dreams are really compelling. Her suggestions and tips are practical and no simple theory. She is one of the people "who are doing it", not a theorist.

If you want realize your travel dreams

- this eBook will help you to do it.

The How-To Travel eBook or How to Escape the Rat Race

If you want escape the daily rat race

- this eBook will show you how you can do it, too.

FW Travel Photo Thai IslandRead "what is in it" for you!

Contents of The "How-To" Travel eBook:

1 Introduction

  • What this Book Is About
  • How this eBook Will Help the First-Time Traveller
  • My Own Experience of Travel and Leaving It All Behind

FW Travel Photo Thai Phuket2 Why Travel?
  • The Unimportance of Originality
  • The Value of Experience
  • Leave the Stresses of Work
  • Leave the Monotony of Routine
  • Experience Freedom and Independence
  • Broaden Horizons
  • Escape
  • Simple Enjoyment

3 When People Try to Dissuade You from Travelling
Ask yourself what you want to get out of travelling, and whether it will be worthwhile for you - if it will be worthwhile, then here is how to deal with other's negativity.
  • Why You Should First Question Your Decision Yourself
  • Why and How People Try to Dissuade You (and an explanation of why going against the grain is such a big deal)
  • How to Respond to People's 'Advice' or Comments

4 Monetary Matters
  • Working Abroad I - why not to rely on getting a job once you're there
  • Working Abroad II - tips to make you more likely to succeed
  • Sponsorship, Student Exchange or Volunteer Work - the pros and cons
  • How to Save
  • How to Budget for Your Travels
  • The Importance of Having Back-Up Funds

5 Overcoming the Jitters
  • Exploring the Options of Going with an Organized Group / Tour Company
  • Why Not to Rely on Friends to Go With You (or stay with you)
  • Going It Alone - why this is often a good way of travelling
  • Tips for the Introvert
  • Tips to Ease the Way

FW Travel Photo CA Lodge    FW Travel Photo CA Sunset Pacific

6 The Best Way to Meet People
  • The Best Way of Meeting People Once You Arrive at Your Destination
  • Finding Like-Minded Travelling Companions
  • How to Avoid 'Taggers On'
  • How to Get Off the Tourist Track

7 Common Sense
Have you ever used a hairdryer in the bath? No? Congratulations, you clearly have a foundation in common sense…
  • Pick a Country Wisely
  • Research the Country You Are Planning to Visit
  • The List of Emergency Telephone Numbers You Should Take
  • Travel Insurance
  • Being Vigilant
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Travel Is Not a Postcard

8 Recommended Websites and Books
  • Guidebooks
  • Low Cost Travel
  • Volunteer Work / Exchange / Working Abroad
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Inspirational Travel Stories and Tips
  • General Advice

This eBook will be your guide, if you want escape the routine of everyday life. Live your dream and go travel. Don't wait until it is too late. So many people are dreaming their whole life about discovering the world. They imagine how it would be to stay some time in another country, to meet other people, to visit extraordinary places - they dream all the time. But most of them never realize their dreams of travel. In my opinion there is one important reason why people do not realize their travel dreams. Relatives, friends, colleagues try too often to dissuade someone from living her/his dreams. But Anna covers this point also in her eBook and tells you how to handle objections.

Be one of the people who live the life they desire. If you do not know how to start to turn your travel dreams into reality - Anna Ransome tells you in her eBook how to do it step-by-step. You will not find a similar "How-To" Travel Handbook that contains so many practical tips and is so inspiring. Read on and learn a little bit more about Anna.

Anna Ransome spent twelve months travelling around Australasia and has since travelled in several other countries, keeping detailed diaries of all of her experiences. She was eighteen when she first left her home in England to see Australia.
Once she returned from Australia she took a degree in writing and philosophy. After enduring three years of itchy feet whilst at university, she sold her house to explore New Zealand.

Knowing how nerve-wracking it can be to leave home to travel for the first time, Anna wrote this e-book to help other first-time travellers overcome any fears they might have of venturing off into the unknown. Having enjoyed travel so much herself, Anna has written this e-book to also motivate and encourage other people to live their dreams of travel.

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Start Now to Turn Your Dreams of Travel into Reality!

This eBook Will Be Your Friendly Guide.

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Yours sincerely,

Anna Ransome, Author & Cornelia Fey, Publisher

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