Digital Photo Art - Posters, Cards

and other prints (Part 1)

The images of this page are samples of prints as birthday cards, posters or prints as a gift I made. I had to change the persons. So you will see in the following samples always the same young woman. The first image you see is the base for all others. The second is the same as poster art image. Although some images are looking very similar, it is always something different. This maybe the color, the background color, light details or some other details.

You can view a larger size of each image by clicking on the image.

flower and woman1 flower and woman2 flower and woman3 flower and woman4 flower and woman5 flower and woman6 flower and woman7 flower and woman8 flower and woman9 flower and woman10 flower and woman11 flower and woman12 flower and woman13 flower and woman14

Please understand, it is prohibited to set direct links to one or more of the images. Thank you for your understanding!

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