Digital Photo Art - Posters, Cards

and other prints (Part 2)

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You can view a larger size of each image by clicking on the image.

flower and woman15 flower and woman16 flower and woman17 flower and woman18 flower and woman19 flower and woman20

The next two images are in painting style.

flower and woman painting style1 flower and woman painting style2

The next one is in cartoon style.

flower and woman cartoon style

In the two following images the background is in painting style. The young woman and the bird are photos.

mix of painting and photo1 mix of painting and photo2

Crayon and drawing (bw) style.

flower and woman crayon flower and woman drawing

The next image is a mix of the drawing and image no. 54. Because I thought a little bit more color would be good, I added color. The result is the last image.

mix of drawing and original1 mix of drawing and original2

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