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Welcome to my Photo Art page! Among my many other interests, I like to work with photos. I use my fantasy, and of course different programs, to make a little bit more out of normal photos. Of course, I know not everybody will like all what I show you here. But maybe you like one or another of the images I made. However, I hope you enjoy your visit. You can view a larger size of each image by clicking on the image.

If you have any questions or comments - please contact me by eMail.
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The first image series is from a landscape photo taken at the island Ruegen/Baltic Sea. The first is the original. To the second image I added only color.

landscape landscape2

The following images are all different versions of the original image. I used different apps to make the changes.

landscape3 landscape4 landscape5 landscape6 landscape7 landscape8 landscape9 landscape10 landscape11 landscape12 landscape13 landscape14 landscape15 landscape17

Please understand, it is prohibited to set direct links to one or more of the images. Thank you for your understanding!

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