Were you always satisfied with the results of a tarot reading or the advice given by your astrologer?

Use alternatively the Kuan Yin Oracle, if you have a problem. The Kuan Yin Oracle provides Chinese wisdom for almost every problem.

Kuan Yin (also called Guanyin or Kwan Yin) is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion. Kuan Yin is the friend you can call, if you are in a difficult situation. She is the guardian of the unfortunate, the poor, the sick, the lonely and others in trouble. Kuan Yin is also known in many other Asian countries. For example, in Japan she is called Kannon, in Korea Gwan-eum, in Thailand Guan Eem, and in Indonesia Kwan Im.

inside temple

The 100 divination poems of Kuan Yin may help you as practical guidance to solve problems you may have. Unlike most Western divination as Tarot or Western Astrology, Chinese divination doesn't tell you mostly what will happen in the future. Similar to the I Ching, the Kuan Yin Oracle will tell you what you can do to solve a problem - or whether it is a good time to do something right now - or whether you should better wait.

Traditionally, asking the Kuan Yin Oracle is done through divination sticks, which are thin bamboo sticks numbered from 1-100 stored in a tube. These sticks are the keys to the 100 poems of Kuan Yin. The questioner thinks silently or whispers her question to Kuan Yin while shaking the cylinder, which is tipped slightly downward. One or more stick(s) will leave the cylinder and drop onto the floor. The number of the stick represents the number of one poem. And the poem will provide the answer to the question.

In Temples throughout Asia fortune telling of this kind is a common practice. Sometimes the amount of sticks is not 100. Often are used 61 to 80 sticks only. For instance, Kau Cim is also a Chinese fortune telling practice and is very similar to the Kuan Yin Oracle. If you are interested, you will find more information about Kau Cim at Wikipedia.

The poems of Kuan Yin are short and written in a poetic, beauty and mythical style. Therefore an interpretation is necessary to understand the answer. Again, it is similar to the I Ching.


The answer of Kuan Yin will not always provide a precise solution of your problem. The Kuan Yin Oracle does not predict specific events nor it will give in each case exact advice what actions you should take to change your current situation. But the answer can help you, if you have not considered all issues of your problem - or if you can not decide which way you should go. Often our intuition knows what we should do. This knowing, which resides in the background, is in the Western culture not very popular. It is possible that Kuan Yin may confirm your intuition - and so you may discover what you need to do to reach a solution of your problem.

The answer of Kuan Yin is sometimes surprising, because you may see an option you never considered. Sometimes the answer will reflect your very own thought process and/or projections, only. Sometimes the answer makes clear that the problem is not as complicated as you may think, and the problem can be resolved now quick and without a lot of trouble.

It is very important to choose the right question to get an answer. So, read now how to use the Kuan Yin Oracle and how to ask Kuan Yin.