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John Miller was a second rate author. Only ten copies of his novel 'The Vampire of Alcatraz Prison' had been sold in the first eight months. But one day he had an excellent idea. He placed the following ad in several newspapers. Millionaire, 67 years, good-looking, wishes to marry a girl like the heroine in the Novel 'The Vampire of Alcatraz Prison'.
The book was sold out within one week


A young executive was lunching with his boss, who had embarked on a long explanation of how he had succeeded in business. "When I arrived in this town, young man, I had a brown paper parcel which represented my entire worldly possessions. Within a year I had built three factories, employed 1,500 people, lived in a large house, and drove a Mercedes."
"That's some achievement, sir," replied the young executive. "Please tell me, what did you have in your brown parcel?"
The boss smiled and puffed on his cigar, "Two and a half million in cash."


A highly successful optician was instructing his son. "Son," he said, "after you have fitted the glasses, and the customer asks what the charge will be, you say, 'the price is a hundred dollars.' Then pause and wait to see if he flinches. If he does not flinch you continue, '... for the frames. The lenses will be another hundred dollars.' Then you pause again, this time only slightly, and watch for the flinch. If the customer does not flinch this time, you add firmly, '... each.'"


In an effort to boost sales, British Airways announced that for two weeks only, any business executive who travelled on a midweek flight could take his wife along with him for only twenty percent of the normal fare. In order to judge the success of this experiment, they wrote to all the wives concerned, asking them whether they had enjoyed their flights. Eighty-five percent of the wives wrote back asking, "What flight?"


The young man was desperate for money and so on his holidays he decided to take a job in a local factory. "Now," said the foreman, "your first job is to sweep the floor."
"But I've got a BA degree," said the young man, " and I'm currently studying for a MBA."
"Oh," said the foreman. "In that case I'd better show you how to hold the broom."


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