How to Ask Kuan Yin

First, choose a quiet place, sit down and still your mind. Think about your problem. Formulate your question as clear as possible. Write it down, if you prefer.

Always calm yourself and take time to think about your problem and the question you may have - whether it is about business or job, love and relationship, family issues or whatever.


Do not ask questions like the following:

  • Is XXX the right partner for me?
  • What will happen in my life during the next year?
  • What will happen, if I do XXX?
  • Will I find my soulmate within the next six months?

Use questions like the following samples:

  • Is it the right time to do XXX now?
  • Will it be helpful to do XXX?
  • Should I do XXX now or better wait?
  • Is XXX a good idea to get ZZZ now?

For instance, you want start an own business. Ask Kuan Yin whether it is the right time to start a new venture. If you are looking for a new job, ask Kuan Yin whether it is a good time. Maybe you consider to move to another town. Ask Kuan Yin whether it is a good idea to move now or whether you should better wait. If you have trouble in your relationship with your partner (or a friend, or a family member), ask Kuan Yin if you can do anything to solve the problem with your partner. Of course, if you have no problem to change to a new job or to relocate - you do not need any help. Ask the Goddess of Compassion only, if you have a problem - not just for fun. The above examples are very simple, but you may understand what kind of questions you should use to get an answer.

The more precise your question is - the more precise the answer of Kuan Yin will be.

Instead of using bamboo sticks a modern version exists you can use immediately. If you click here, a new page will open and you will see an image on which the numbers 1 to 100 are randomly listed. Each number represents one poem of the Kuan Yin Oracle. The image is optimized for view on a small mobile device. Therefore it is small. Click here to see an image with numbers for larger screens. Use the image, which provides the best view on your mobile device or PC.


Concentrate and ask your question to Kuan Yin while moving with the cursor slightly over the image. Stop once you think it is the right moment. Of course you may also use your finger, if you use a mobile device. The number on which you stopped represents the answer to your question. If you did not stop exactly on one number, try it once more.

When everything is done, go to, select your lot number and read the interpretation.

If you prefer, I will ask Kuan Yin on your behalf and send you my reading by eMail. Click here for more information.

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